An environmentally friendly printing business
Solar panelling So what does that statement mean? Well, here at Custom T Shirt, environmentally friendly means just that.

Solar Panelling
Hooked up through a couple of Grid-Tie invertors, about 80 sq foot of solar panels help deliver electricity to the printing equipment used in this rurally located Suffolk workshop.

Rain Water10,000 gallon tank
The Custom T Shirt workshop is not on the mains water grid. Instead we collect rain water in a disguised 1000 gallon tank built adjacent the workshop. Most of this water is dedicated to hydro graphics printing setup recently deployed.

A further 10,000 gallon tank owned by the property landlord is maintained by Ronnie (owner of Custom T Shirt) for his vegetable patch behind the workshop. Lets just say the landlord is very accommodating!

Our own in-house built wood-burner provides virtually all the winter heat needed in the workshop. Wood is provided free by various tradesmen customers and a local trSawdust and shredded paperee surgeon as well as the landlord of the property. All of whom are only too pleased to have someone who appreciates good firewood.

Paper recycling
The amount of waste paper generated in the printing business is ridiculous. Our paper is shredded and along with sawdust gathered from our chain sawing of winter wood, along with additional sawdust reclaimed from a local carpenter and chippings from our local tree surgeon, we make briquettes for winter fuel.

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