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Interesting things to know about custom t shirt printing

T shirt printing is a general term that covers a wide variety of print methods for use in a multitude of different ways. Many if not most T shirt printing businesses also print other apparel such as hoodies, polo shirts, aprons, jackets and sweatshirts. Apart from apparel, many t shirt printing firms also print on alternative substrates such as banners, canvas, signage, vehicle signage and so on.
sublimation tshirt printing
One of the most publicly recognised state of the art t shirt printing derivatives is sportswear. Expensive footballers wearing expensive football tops decorated with various emblems, sponsors and numbers are indeed a common site for any sports fan. Big brands often make themselves synonymous with superstar sponsorship like race car drivers, golfing professionals, tennis pros and even in less obvious sports that do not attract as much TV coverage like table tennis and badminton can attract big name sponsors who want their logos printed prominently on players sportswear.

Sporting events also commonly use cheap T shirt printing as a give-away to fans so that the 'message' is broadcast and carried by a wide audience with brand loyalty. Schools, colleges, universities and clubs all over the world use t shirt printing to help identify team members and also promote a consistent team identity.

T shirt printing is also extremely important in the retail clothing industry. On an average sunny day, how many people do you see wearing just plain t shirts without some sort of motif or slogan or artwork? Not many in comparison to the vast majority of t shirt wearers! As fashions change, manufacturers try different things to create a new image. many manufacturers have become hugely successful just printing their own simple business name, which through thorough marketing has in some case become sought after premium brands that people will pay extraordinary amounts of money for, despite the true value of the base-t shirt and the actual print itself. This kind of branding demonstrates the incredible power of t shirt printing in the hands of master marketers.
custom tshirt printing
On a more humble note, t shirt printing is often used by charities as a way of defining and maintaining their message and public awareness. T shirts tends to last a long time and people often find themselves wearing their favourite t shirts very often indeed which for some charities is a successful and cost effective means of branding a campaign. Another favourite usage of printed t shirts by charities is for events where the public identification of the charity is important to maintain support or perhaps as a differentiator from other participants.

For travellers, a common site at busy airports especially during the summer months are groups of people identifiable by their t shirts. Stag parties, hen parties, holiday groups, clubs, teams and even families can create a group identity just by wearing t shirts custom printed with their logos, photos slogans etc. For many t shirt companies, the summer months represent the most important revenue generating time of year because of the tendency of groups like this needing t shirts to be printed.

There are many other reasons why people have t shirts custom printed. Companies and businesses needing their logo worn not just for identification purposes, but also for advertising purposes. Self employed people like electricians, plumbers, builders, fitness instructors, hairdressers, dog walkers, security people all can wear custom printed t shirts to help get more business and also as a means of business identification which is important when working with the general public.

With the costs of advertising both online and through traditional offline media now hugely expensive, simple printed t shirts offer superb value for money and can generate an incredible amount of business if properly designed and presented. There are very few business marketing mechanisms which actually offer anywhere near the same value for money.

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